Coilology Alien V2 Coil – 10τμχ

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The Coilology Alien V2 Coil comes with optional 0.21ohm or 0.3ohm resistance. It will bring you optimal clouds and flavor. Best choice for DIY lovers. High quality and well made!

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Coilology Alien V2 Coil – 10τμχ

Let’s welcome the Coilology Alien V2 Coil. It comes with 10 pieces of pre-made Ni80 coils with optional 0.21ohm or 0.30ohm resistance, the Coilology Alien V2 Coil will bring you the optimal clouds and flavor. Using the highest grade of materials increases durability and reduced carbon deposit. 10pcs each pack. Best choice for DIY lovers.


  • 3-26/34, Ni80 0.21ohm
  • 3-28/34, Ni80 0.30ohm

It comes with

  • 1 x Coilology Alien V2 Coil 10pcs

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