Coilology Alien Coil Set Ni80 0.16ohm

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The Coilology Alien Coil includes 2 pieces pre-made coils with organic cotton. High quality and well made!

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Coilology Alien Coil Set Ni80 0.16ohm

Let’s welcome the Coilology Alien Coil Set. The Alien is 100% handcrafted in the whole procedure. Created with triple parallel wires, the Coilology Alien Coil is wrapped in a de-cored and stretched Clapton that is wound to produce the wavy look. Without breaking your budget, the Coilology Alien Coils can provide out of this world flavor and vapor production.


  • Type:   3-28/36, Ni80 0.16ohm


It comes with

  • 2 x Coilology Alien Coil
  • 1 x Piece of Organic Japanese Cotton
  • 1 x Plastic Container





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