Coilology MTL Series Coil

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The Coilology MTL Coil comes with Clapton Coil/Fused Clapton Coil/Staple Coil/Mixed Coil. Best choice for DIY lovers. High quality and well made!

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Coilology MTL Series Coil 10pcs/24pcs

Coilology MTL Coil is made of Ni80 and SS316, bringing mouth to lung vape to you! The various resistance and material selections provide a DIY and individual vaping experience to DIY fans. The MTL 4 in 1 Coil comes with 4 different pre-made coils with 24 pieces. Using the highest grade of materials increases durability and reduced carbon deposit.


  • MTL Coil 10pcs: Ni80 0.6ohm/SS316L 0.9ohm
  • MTL Clapton Coil 10pcs: Ni80 0.92ohm/SS316L 0.7ohm
  • MTL Fused Clapton Coil 10pcs: Ni80 0.8ohm/SS316L 0.64ohm
  • MTL Staple Coil 10pcs: Ni80 0.68ohm/SS316L 0.5ohm
  • MTL 4 in 1 Coil 24pcs: Ni80/SS316L

Coilology MTL Series Coil 10pcs/24pcs

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MTL 4 in 1 Coil Ni80 24pcs, MTL Clapton Coil Ni80 0.92ohm 10pcs, MTL Clapton Coil SS316L 0.7ohm 10pcs, MTL Fused Clapton Coil Ni80 0.8ohm 10pcs, MTL Fused Clapton Coil SS316L 0.64ohm 10pcs, MTL Staple Coil Ni80 0.68ohm 10pcs, MTL Staple Coil SS316L 0.5ohm 10pcs