DOVPO Blotto RTA Glass Tube

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Designed for DOVPO Blotto RTA, the Dovpo Blotto RTA Glass Tube comes with three kinds of types for you to choose. With the durability and aesthetics, just get it as a spare part.

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DOVPo Blotto RTA Glass Tube

​​​​Say hello to the DOVPO Blotto RTA Glass Tube which is best for Dovpo Blotto RTA. And the Blotto RTA Glass Tube has three kinds of types for you to choose from, as follows: 2ml Straight Glass, 6ml Ultem Bubble Tube, 6ml Glass Bubble Tube. Just get the Glass Tube for your RTA and enjoy the fantastic vaping with its durability and aesthetics.


  • Capacity:
    • 2ml Straight Glass
    • 6ml Ultem Bubble Tube
    • 6ml Glass Bubble Tube



It comes with

  • 1 × Dovpo Blotto RTA Glass Tube


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2ml Straight, 6ml Bubble, 6ml Ultem Bubble